PIPO W1 Pro Tablet
The standard of digital pen
Support handwriting input, original handwriting record and accurate touch

PIPO W1 pro handwriting tablet in addition to using the keyboard, mouse, touch screen for operation,
but also supports passive reflex electromagnetic pen operation. The electromagnetic pen comes standard with the machine,
no battery, support 1024 pressure sense, easy handwriting input and the original handwriting records.
Electrmagnetic pen with two function keys, can be customized or simulated mouse function, allowing you to use more handy.

PIPO W1 Pro Tablet
Atom X5 processor - Intel Z8350

Intel 28350 processor is the improved version of the previous generation Z8300, which uses 14nm
manufacturing process, 4-core processing architecture to support 64-bit instruction set,
Core frequency to 1.9ZGHz. And integration with 12 EU units of HD Graphics 400 graphics Processor.
Can easily play 4K HD video, play a variety of games! Let your computer be faster and more stable

PIPO W1 Pro Tablet
10.1-inch IPS full viewing angle Resolution can be 1920*1200

IPS technology is the most advanhged display technology in the world.
The hand IPS display further improve brightness,
power consumption and wide angle displaying effect. Also the responding speed is increased.
The ratio of the IPS display is 16:10, the resolution of it can be 1920*1200.
The text will be more clearly when we are reading, the picture will be more vivid when we are watching,
the game will be more smooth when we are playing.

PIPO W1 Pro Tablet
64GB EMMC memory 4GB DDR 3L RAM

As a all ice tablet. the FIFO W1 pro uses the most advanced 64GB EMMC (Embedded Multi Media Card).
whose advantage is lower consumption. higher integration and more security in storage.
The highest read and write speed can be as last as 15OMB/s and 52MB/s. The 64GB Fash Memory make it
possible to have enough room for storage of files and installlion of sol twares alter install with
the windows 10 operation system. Furthermore, PIPO W1 pro comes with 4GB DDR3L running memory.
The DDR3L. stands for Low Voltage. When running games or surfing Internet or opening big file,
PIPO W1 pro has better performance than other tablets.

PIPO W1 Pro Tablet
To fully support Windows 10 system

As Microsoft's latest operating system--Windows 10, Made a lot of improvement relative to the Windows 8.X.
Provides notebook/tablet double mode, such as improving the start menu and provide a virtual desktop/split screen window
function, built a new Edge browser, integration of Microsoft's voice assistant Cortana, etc...
The use of these improved greatly the Windows tablet experienceln the past must be run in notebook computers,
desktop computers games and software. Now in the PIPO W1 pro can also be carefree to play!

PIPO W1 Pro Tablet
5M AF camera! bring you high clear images

PIPO W1 pro is with 2M front camera. 5M rear camera (auto fours). You could video chat with families and friends freely
by using the front camera. 5M rear camera (auto focus) will enable your recording of daily life. video recording. phobgraphing.
PIPO W1 pro cameras will bring you high resolution images.

PIPO W1 Pro Tablet
Built-in big capacity battery, provide longtime in standby mode

PIPO W1 pro is with big capacity battery, which is a 3.7V 6000mah battery.
Besides, the low comsumption and the optimize of the Intel Atom X5, make the FIFO W1 pro can be
used 4 to 8 hours, free you from frequently charging.

PIPO W1 Pro Tablet
PIPO W1 Pro Tablet
PIPO W1 pro comes standard with a keyboard and an electromagnetic pen


PIPO W1 pro is a 2 in 1 deformation of the design of digital products. In addition to being available as a tablet, you can also use a dedicated hard shell hinge keyboard to form a mini-notebook computer. PIPO W1pro also supports handwriting input, with the standard electromagnetic pen, allowing you to work handy. With a 10.1 inch IPS screen, the resolution up to 1920x1200

 Model  PIPO W1 Pro Tablet
 CPU  Intel Atom X5 Z8350
 GPU  HD Graphics 400
 System  Windows10
 Capacity  64GB
 Screen  10.1 Inch IPS Screen
Pen and Touch  Pen and Touch Support with 10 Touch Points
 Resolution  1920*1200
 Extend Card Support Micro SD Card up to 64GB
 Camera Front is 2.0 MP,Rear is 5.0MP,the Rear support auto focus
 WIFI  Support
 Bluetooth  Support
 Internet  Support
 Google market  Support
 G-sensor  Support
 Ebook  PDF,TXT
 Video  MEPG 1/2/4,H.263/H.264,RMVB,WMV/VC-1,MVC,AVS,MJPEG(support 1080P)
 Language Chinese, German, English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian
(These seven are built-in, other languages can be connected wifi self-download)
 Microphone  Support
 Speaker  Built-in speaker × 2
 Charge Time  4 hours full
 Charging method  USB-Type C
Keyboard material  Aluminum alloy
 Keyboard size  26cmx17cmx0.5cm
 Keyboard weight  514g
 Keyboard LED  support
 Stylus pen The original handwriting handwriting, passive reflex shooting operation, 1024 pressure sense
 I/O Port  1 x USB—Type C port
1 x 3.5mm Earphone port
 1 x TF card slot
 1 x HDMI port
 Battery  6000mAh 3.7V
 Weight  535g
 Size  256*172*9.3mm
Notice The keyboard and the stylus are included.
1 x PIPO W1 Pro Tablet PC
1 x Keyboard
1 x Stylus
1 x USB Cable
1 x Charger(5V/2A)
1 x Adapter (the adapter depends on the country of the buyer.)