Apple Was Aware of the AirDrop Tracking Leak

The Drawback: AirDrop connects devices directly to other devices via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, negating the need for the internet. That’s fantastic for speed and privacy, right? Not exactly, though. Researchers found that a vulnerability in this direct link may be exploited by someone with specialized equipment. Think of it as a small opening in the fence surrounding your AirDrop garden.

The Tracking: With the use of this crack, cunning observers might peep through and learn details about AirDrop users in the area. Consider it akin to a digital spy device. What they could observe was:

Device names: Although they might not seem private, they could be sufficient to identify someone in specific circumstances, such as sensitive meetings or protests.
Wi-Fi network names: These could provide much more information, such as a company’s location or an individual’s home network.
Similar to a digital fingerprint, Bluetooth MAC addresses are specific identifiers for individual devices. They might be used, if not properly handled, to follow someone around over time.
The Schedule: This is when it becomes tricky. This vulnerability was first brought to Apple’s attention by security experts back in 2019. Recall that this was four years prior to the news being publicized. Anyone with the appropriate skills might have used AirDrop as a tracking device throughout those four years.

The Fallout: There was a commotion when the information was eventually revealed. Advocates for privacy blasted Apple for the hold-up, describing it as a “blatant failure” to safeguard customers. Some even likened it to placing a target on the backs of protestors and human rights advocates who depend on AirDrop for safe communication.

The Fix: Apple finally fixed the AirDrop issue with a software update in October 2023. However, the harm had already been done. Questions regarding the quantity of persons tracked and the information exposed remain unanswered, even after the trust was betrayed.

What’s Possible for You:

Update the hardware on your Apple devices: Verify that you have the most recent version of the program and that the AirDrop fix is installed.
Use AirDrop with caution; only share it with people you can trust, especially when handling delicate matters.
Examine substitutes: When sharing sensitive information, avoid using AirDrop and instead utilize encrypted chat apps for increased protection.
In summary:

The vulnerability in AirDrop tracking should serve as a warning to all. We are reminded that errors can happen even to large computer businesses and that there is never a guarantee for our privacy online. We must maintain awareness, use caution while handling our data, and hold businesses responsible for safeguarding our security.

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